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Get strong erection with tabs for chewing - buy Cialis Soft Tabs online!

Cialis tablets for chewing are as effective as original Cialis. The difference is in the speed of the action. Partial admission of Cialis takes place right in the mouth via oral mucosa. Chewing provides faster delivering of the active ingredient to the blood flow. As a result, the erection can be achieved faster.

The recommended daily dosage of Cialis active ingredient is 20mg. That is why Cialis Soft Tabs produced with this concentration of its active component. To make sure your body reacts properly for this amount of Cialis, take just a half of the tab for the first time. The soft tab should be taken in 20 minutes before sex.

The effect of Cialis Soft Tabs lasts up to 36 hours. During this period of time you can be absolutely confident about your penile erection. Within this period of time multiple and powerful erections can be achieved easily (after an adequate sexual stimulation). Be sure – your sexual performance will increase greatly with Cialis Soft.

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Cialis Soft Tabs. Medical Information

The active ingredient in the composition of Cialis is Tadalafil. Drugs produce in a form of a chewable tab with approved 20mg concentration of the active component. The established daily dose should not be exceeded to avoid complications. Cialis Soft is good for chewing, but it is better to suck a tab for a little to get the maximum effect. Soft Tabs taste good and you will be surprised with its pleasant mint flavor. The fast action of the tab allows to take it just 15 minutes before sex.

The Effect of Cialis Soft Tabs

The boosting effect of the product is higher than of usual pills. It is because of the original form of the tab – the absorbing process starts immediately after taking the soft tab, right in the mouth. Absorbing takes less time and the effect comes quite fast. Quick reaction of the body provides a possibility to enjoy spontaneous sex.

Contraindications to Using

As any other medicine, Cialis Soft Tabs also have contraindications that worth your attention. If you do not want to harm your health seriously, please follow the instructions.

The list of contraindications looks like this:

  • Not recommended to take Cialis Soft if you are under 18
  • Do not combine Cialis with other potency drugs
  • Do not take Cialis with contraindicated pills
  • Low blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and issues with liver or kidneys
  • Risk of permanent erection

Side effects of Cialis Soft

Side effect is an inconvenience that should be avoided. Side effects of Cialis are not dangerous, but highly undesirable. If you are allergic to Cialis or some components of the tab, consult with your doctor immediately. In most cases, side effects arise because of overdose or hypersensitivity.

The list of common side effects:

  • Pain in muscles, lower back and headache.
  • Facial redness, heat sensations.
  • Vertigo.
  • Indigestion.
  • Stiffness in nose.
  • Irritation of eyes.

Interactions with other medicines

If you are taking drugs containing nitrates or PDE-5 enzyme, you can not take Cialis or any other potency booster at the same time. Poor interaction will occur immediately. The first sign of poor interaction is a drop in blood pressure. Other medications that worth revising before taking Cialis are AIDS medications and those containing enzymes.

Cialis Soft Tabs look like a chewing gum. It is convenient if you need to take it in a public place, but may be dangerous for kids. Always keep potency drugs locked. In all other cases, Cialis Soft is a good alternative to Generic Cialis.

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